Over the past sixty years throughout Europe, archaeological aerial photography has brought to light more previously unknown heritage sites than any other method of exploration.  An EU initiative, ArchaeoLandscapes, brings together experts from across Europe to promote and develop the use of remote sensing within archaeology. This exhibition aims to showcase the finest examples of their work and highlights the range of techniques available, and the science and theory behind them. It will illustrate how these techniques have been used on iconic archaeological monuments and landscapes from Ireland and the rest of Europe.

The content of this exhibition represents the culmination of the collaborative activities of 55 prestigious institutions from 26 European countries. This exhibition aims to ‘Promote the experts’ by highlighting ground breaking research into the application of science and technology to the field of cultural heritage and archaeology.

The guiding path through the exhibition is the evolution of the technology from the earliest photography to the latest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems. Techniques and concepts are explained and illustrated using case studies and examples selected from the ArchaeoLandscapes partners, ensuring a diverse range of spectacular European archaeology and cultural heritage is on display. The exhibition includes case studies from Ireland, comprising some of the most prestigious and iconic sites in the country: the passage tombs of Brú na Bóinne, the monastic settlement of Skellig Michael, and the royal site at Hill of Tara.

A brochure for the exhibition during its time at Dublin Civic Offices can be viewed here:


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