This month sees the Traces of the Past exhibition visit the Irish Workhouse Centre in Portumna, Co. Galway at the invitation of the Shorelines Arts Festival.  We were delighted to travel to Portumna with the exhibition at reconstruct it within one of the dormitories.

The Workhouse is a community led non-profit project supported by the Heritage Council.  While the TOTP exhibition can be viewed for free, visitors should make the most of their trip by enjoying one of the tours of the Centre.  The careful conservation work being done is fascinating in itself.  Most recently the Workhouse had the boardroom stenciled by a French artist, Laurik Mathieu, to match the original stencil work that was visible.

Traces of the Past will remain at the Workhouse until the 24th of October (10:00 – 17:00 Mon to Sun).  Thanks to Delores O’Shea of the Shorelines Arts Festival and all at the Workhouse for accommodating us.  A big thank you also to Séimí, Adam and Derek for helping us to move and put up the exhibit.  More images of the exhibition and its Portumna visit can be found on the Discovery Programme facebook page.


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