Annalies Garrison and Tara Gibbons of the Balla Secondary School TY project interviewed K2U2 conference attendees and speakers for a radio documentary on CRC 102.9 fm.  The programme aired on the Monday Documentary slot on July 22nd 2013.

As there are currently no plans to host the programme via the CRC fm website, we have made the audio available via YouTube.  Thanks to CRC fm for the broadcast.


Darja Grossman, University of Ljubljana
Wlodek Raczkowski, Adam Mickiewicz University
Peter Halkon, University of Hull
Anthony Corns, Discovery Programme
Lis Helles Olesen, Holstebro Museum
Ian Doyle, Heritage Council
Axel Posluschny, Archaeolandscapes EU
Susan Curran, Dublin City Council
Dominic Cronin, Ordnance Survey Ireland
Kevin Barton LGS, John Wells WLAT, and Teresa Walsh BBS were also thanked in the documentary


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