Preparation for Traces of the Past began in 2011 and in January of this year, The Discovery Programme advertised for an Exhibition Designer.  The high quality of the applications resulted in two candidates being hired: Ian McCarthy and Ciaron Fitzpatrick.  They came on-board in early March and immediately started to come up with a design theme for the TOTP and K2U2 campaigns.

Early rendering of the TOTP logo

Early rendering of the TOTP logo, Image: P. Barry

As the weeks progressed, they worked on brochures and advertising for TOTP and the exhibition itself.  Not only did they need to find a away of encorporating the hundreds of images from the various Archaeolandscapes partners, but they also had to situate the exhibtion within the Dublin Civic Offices.

Model of DCO

Model of DCO, Image P. Barry

The result of the work was ninety individual MDF panels, each two meters high. The artwork was printed on high quality, anti-reflective Monomeric Vinyl with a Monomeric Laminate, and the result is a clean, visually impressive display.


Elements of the exhibition at Dublin City Council, Image P. Barry

Our designers

Ian has been working in design since graduating from Limerick School of Art & Design in 1999. He worked for 8 years with a Dublin based design studio where he produced exhibitions, corporate identities, POS, packaging and branding until November 2011. He has since freelanced, working with various design studios in Dublin.  For more of Ian’s work check out www.77design.ie

Ciaron is a graphic designer with a BA Degree in Visual Communications from Athlone IT. He has previously worked in various positions with BLOCK T, an arts organisation, Lomographic Society, various freelancing work, studio work and currently as an exhibition designer for the Discovery Programme. His main passion is Typography executed with various multi-disciplinary skills which include; photography, printmaking (dry point, etching, screen printing), for product design, packaging and brand identity. He utilises existing origami and paper engineering techniques to find context for them in contemporary design projects. This mixed with a strong typographic presence creates eye-catching pieces.


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