To coincide with the launch of the Traces of the Past exhibition, The Discovery Programme, in conjunction with UCD Archaeology, organised an Arcland conference, “From Known Knowns to Unknown Unknowns: Remotely detecting the past.”  K2U2 was hosted in the Wood Quay venue by Dublin City Council.

Speakers from all over Europe attended the conference, which was opened by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Naoise O Muiri.  ArcLand partners from Denmark, Poland, Germany and the UK shared their work on aerial photography, LiDAR imagery and the future of technology in archaeology.

One of the best received speakers was secondary school teacher, Teresa Walsh (Transition Year Co-ordinator) from Balla, Co. Mayo.  She shared her school’s Transition Year project, which had been initiated by Kevin Barton of LGS Ltd. with the support of Arcland.  She was even joined at the podium by two of her students, Tara Gibbons and Annelise Garrison.

Throughout the conference, both the Discovery Programme and one of the speakers, Anthony Beck tweeted to those who couldn’t make it under the hashtag #K2U2.  We were delighted when Anthony also went to the trouble of publishing a mind-map of the event:


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